Symptoms of ear-wax build-up

  • The sensation of popped ears, temporary deterioration of hearing, ringing (noise) in ears, sometimes the sensation of a foreign body and pain in the ear.
  • Remo-Wax drops are intended for maximally effective, gentle, sparing cleaning of the ear canal, softening and elimination of excess ear-wax and ear-wax build-ups.


Under what conditions do ear-wax build-ups or the so-called "wax plugs" most commonly form?

      • If ears are cleaned with cotton swabs

        by regularly cleaning ears with cotton swabs, ear-wax is pushed deeper into the bend of the auditory canal with every time, where it builds up to form "a sulfur plug", In addition, by using cotton swabs and other similar auxiliary means, it is also possible to damage the eardrum and cause serious ear conditions.

      • If in-ear headphones

        When using a hearing aid

        This device allows living a quality life, but it constantly irritates the ear canal, encumbers air access, as a result of which ear-wax discharge increases, ear-wax is compacted onto the eardrum and "a sulfur plug" forms.

        By incorrectly maintaining the hearing aid, inflammation of the external auditory canal can develop.

Children and infants

a child's ear canal, which connects the nasopharynx with the middle ear, is horizontal and not slanting upwards. Therefore, any liquid that enters the nose, easily and quickly reaches the middle ear. This is why rhinitis in small children often end up in inflammation of the middle ear.

In senior citizens — elderly people

In those doing water sports

Information about ear hygiene

By regularly using in the ear hearing aids or in-ear headphones (when listening to tracks on a player, telephone etc.), the risk of formation of sulfuric plugs and ear inflammation — external otitis — increases.

Ear plugs and in-ear headphones mechanically irritate the skin of the ear canal and stimulate more intensive formation of wax. Likewise, by using in a long term, they compact the wax onto the eardrum, which can also stimulate the formation of a sulfur plug. As a result of regular use of in the ear hearing aids and in-ear headphones detachment of skin epidermis of the external auditory canal can be fostered, resulting in epidermal blockages.

In case of poor care, in the ear hearing aids and in-ear headphones can be the infection agents, which can cause inflammation of the external auditory canal — external otitis.

Thus, in people, who regularly use in the ear hearing aids or players with in-ear headphones (such as, to listen to music), must carefully observe ear hygiene.