To be used as ear drops

  1.  The contents of the bottle are warmed up for a few minutes, by holding the Remo-Wax bottle in a hand until it reaches body temperature (approximately 37 °C).
  2.  Tilt head towards shoulder or lie down and turn the head sideways, then drip about 10–20 drops of Remo-Wax into the ear.
  3.  Hold the earlobe and with gentle, rotating movement move it up and down several times. A piece of cotton ball dampened with a couple of drops of Remo-Wax can be inserted in the ear.
  4.  Allow Remo-Wax to have effect for 20 to 60 minutes. If necessary, the solution can be left in the ear overnight.
  5.  After using Remo-Wax ear drops, the ear canal must be rinsed. To rinse, use Remo-Wax bulb syringe or visit a doctor or a nurse to get the ear rinsed. It is best to entrust the rinsing to a doctor or a nurse.

Ear rinsing with a bulb syringe

  1.  With the bulb syringe, pump in water whose temperature corresponds to body temperature
  2.  The end of the bulb syringe is inserted a few millimetres inside the external auditory canal and, by gently squeezing the bulb syringe, rinse the ear. The end of the bulb syringe may not be inserted too deep in the ear canal.
  3.  Rinsing is repeated several times, until completely clear water is rinsed out from the ear.
  4.  If the ear-wax build-up does not dissolve, the drops can be reused and the rinsing of the ear repeated three days in a row.