• Clears the ear canal from excess ear-wax, dead epithelium, and other pollutants, quickly and effectively dissolves ear-wax build-up.
  • Has antibacterial effect and delays the development of infections after the protective ear-wax layer is removed.
  • Softens the skin in the external auditory canal, stimulates detachment of dead cells, contracts pores, inhibits bacterial growth.


  • Penetrants (allantoin, phenylethanol, butylhydroxytoluene, liquid lanolin) — deeply penetrate the sulfuric plug and dissolves it
  • Surfactants (polyoxyethylene oleic acid ester) — reduce adhesion of ear-wax on to the walls of the auditory canal
  • Moisture retention (polymerised sorbitan, saturated fructose syrup) — stimulate dissolution and rinsing out of the sulfuric plug
  • Softening ingredients (allantoin, mink oil) — softens the corneous layer, stimulates detachment of dead cells, contracts pores, inhibits bacterial growth
  • Preservative (benzethonium chloride)

Advantages of Remo-wax:

  • complex composition — not only effectively eliminates excess ear-wax and built up ear-wax, but also moistens and protects the skin of the external auditory canal from infections and adverse influence
  • universal effect — used for eliminating ear-wax build-up and for regular hygienic care of the external auditory canal
  • painlessly softens and rinses out excess ear-wax
  • does not have systemic effect, does not cause resistance
  • can be used by pregnant women
  • can be used in patients suffering from allergies